Education Fuels The American Dream

I believe everyone should have a fair shot at the American Dream. An education system that helps prepare our youth from “cradle to career’ is paramount if our youth—particularly the poorest and most disadvantaged—are going to have an equal chance.

I strongly support our public education system in North Carolina. We are blessed in Henderson, Transylvania, and Buncombe counties that so many incredibly passionate and talented teachers, principles, and support staff have chosen to educate our youth.  Ensuring a bright future for our children requires that we support these teams of dedicated professionals. We must show them our appreciation and offer them our respect. They deserve an environment that empowers them to teach.

Chuck pushed legislation that....

  • Raised NC Per Pupil spending to #1 in the Southeast and #6 in the country
  • Voted to raise NC Teacher salaries to #1 in the Southeast and #6 in the country
  • Reinstated and expanded the Teaching Fellows Program
  • Increased lottery proceeds to address more school construction needs
  • Improved access to broadband for rural NC
  • Improved student access to mental health resources

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